Integration of the CareSpan virtual clinic and DoseSpot e-Prescription features enable healthcare providers to diagnose and prescribe for patients anywhere.

BOULDER, CO -  CareSpan™ International, Inc. today announced that it has successfully completed Surescripts™ certification in association with DoseSpot™, a leading e-Prescribing platform that enables Surescripts integration. Physicians using the CareSpan Virtual Clinic can now e-Prescribe to more than 65,000 pharmacies nationwide.


CareSpan is the first online digital healthcare delivery system that meets the standards of an in-person exam by integrating patient-provider video telepresence, vital signs capture, medical images, heart/breathing sounds, ECG, e-Prescribing, real-time specialist consultations, informed consents, and electronic health records within a familiar clinical workflow. The unique breadth of clinical patient data CareSpan presents during an exam supports the legal and ethical diagnosis and prescription of most medications.


“A recent survey conducted by Surescripts found that Americans say doctors still walk into most appointments without critical information about their patients. This has been even more the case with many telemedicine apps that provide little substantive patient information to a provider during an exam” said Mark Winter, CEO of CareSpan. “We designed the CareSpan platform to insure physicians and other providers have a complete view of physiological data, patient records and exam history to enable diagnosis and prescription… all within easy view while attending to a patient online. DoseSpot’s e-Prescription capabilities are the logical extension of CareSpan’s unique clinical feature set” he added.


“We are excited by the emergence of next generation digital healthcare systems like CareSpan that offer the advanced e-Prescription capabilities we enable”, said Greg Waldstreicher, CEO, DoseSpot. “Our API strategy has made it very easy for applications that run entirely within an HTML5 browser like CareSpan to integrate DoseSpot capabilities rapidly and cost effectively.” Doug Wolfgram, Chief Technology Officer at CareSpan added that “our virtual clinic was designed to integrate best of class third party technologies so we can offer our providers superior clinical tools. Bringing Surescripts into our environment was extremely easy and DoseSpot was a pleasure to work with during this integration effort.”


CareSpan is deploying Surescripts based e-Prescribing with DoseSpot for its healthcare customers immediately.


About CareSpan USA, Inc.


CareSpan is the only digital healthcare system that meets and exceeds the standards of an in-person exam for care delivered over the Internet. Physicians and other providers enjoy lower operational costs, greater flexibility in clinician utilization and increased access to new patients. Insurers benefit from lower total care delivery costs with better case management. For patients, it’s access to high quality healthcare that is affordable and fulfills their expectation of care continuity regardless of their location. Visit for more information.


About DoseSpot


DoseSpot is a Surescripts certified e-Prescribing platform specifically designed to integrate with electronic health record, electronic dental record, practice management and telehealth software. DoseSpot is certified to e-Prescribe controlled substances and has provided simple, affordable and integratable e-Prescribing solutions to healthcare IT companies since 2009. For more information, please visit



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