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About Intellivisit:


Described as the virtual front door for primary care, Intellivisit offers on-demand digital primary care visits powered by artificial intelligence and delivered by board-certified medical professionals. To provide patients with the most efficient and personalized care possible, Intellivisit takes a non-traditional telehealth approach that is centered on the interactive patient experience. Through Intellivisit’s asynchronous model, patients can initiate a primary care visit at any time from any Internet connected device. Via Intellivisit’s robust artificial intelligence, patients are guided through a dynamic customized assessment that is tailored in real-time based on symptom descriptions. This artificial intelligence system is paired with certified clinicians to secure accurate diagnoses, treatment plans and enhance patient satisfaction. The artificial intelligence gets smarter with each use, meaning faster and more accurate diagnoses in the future!



In creating a beneficial virtual care solution, Intellivisit wanted to offer complete treatment plans for patients—and e-Prescribing, from their viewpoint, was a vital component of these plans. When choosing an e-Prescribing partner, maintaining a simple provider workflow was crucial for the Intellivisit team and DoseSpot’s simplicity allowed Intellivisit to incorporate e-Prescribing while maintaining an intuitive clinical workflow.



Intellivisit engaged in DoseSpot’s “Go at Your Own Pace” integration, which afforded the Intellivisit team the ability to implement DoseSpot simply, efficiently and at their own pace. When discussing DoseSpot’s level of support provided throughout the integration, Intellivisit Chief Innovation Officer, Michael Eaton, described it as “immensely helpful…We couldn’t have [completed the integration] without the patient, responsive and informative support!”



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