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Our unique Surescripts and EPCS certified ePrescribing platforms are designed to seamlessly integrate with electronic health and dental records, telehealth software, patient engagement platforms, health communication apps and more.

More than twenty thousand healthcare professionals rely on DoseSpot software each month to provide a safer and more efficient ePrescribing experience. Companies choose us because of our intuitive interface, customization capabilities, and high-touch service, including dedicated customer success, account management and technical support teams. You will know your DoseSpot team by name because of their relentless focus to helping you grow.


Dental Software Companies and DSOs


Do your dentists prescribe Amoxicillin? How about Vicodin? Dentists write a small set of prescriptions repeatedly for patients undergoing a variety of procedures and are very knowledgeable about these specific prescriptions.

Expecting them to understand potential risks of a patient’s full medication list is a different story. DoseSpot is the first ePrescribing platform for dental software that keeps a dentist’s needs at the forefront of the ePrescribing experience. Backed by an exclusive with Lexicomp, DoseSpot-using dentists gain access to a sophisticated database of dental-specific drug information to help answer crucial medication questions. Our dental-specific information fits seamlessly into the clinical workflow and our dental users love it!
Read the Benevis Press Release , Great Expressions Dental Centers Press Release and XLDent Case Study.

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Digital Health Companies


From telehealth to teledermatology, patient engagement, patient-to-provider communication and care coordination, our ePrescribing platforms enable providers to securely and efficiently write and send ePrescriptions. With seamless integration into your software, providers are able to deliver care from anywhere. This luxury of on-the-go ePrescribing improves overall patient satisfaction, eliminates inaccurate record keeping of medication history, and provides doctors and nurse practitioners with access to critical prescription information. Read the Doctor on Demand Press Release.


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Medical Software Companies


With just a few clicks, ePrescriptions can be sent to a patient's preferred pharmacy through DoseSpot. Even better, we can get you started in just a few weeks!

We give your prescribers access to useful drug-drug and drug-allergy interactions that are automatically checked against a patient’s current medication and allergy list. Potential interactions are identified by pop-up alerts describing the problem and its potential seriousness. If a doctor wants to know more, we have them covered—each alert is clickable and detailed information can be accessed.

For medical software companies currently seeking ONC Meaningful Use Certification for Electronic Health Records, DoseSpot handles the ePrescribing and medication-related criteria.


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"Benevis established itself as a leader in HIT when its proprietary electronic health record (EHR) system, Boomerang, was certified by ONC-ACB in June of 2014.* A key component of certification and achieving meaningful use was finding an e-prescription solution that would work in both our clinical and software environment."


Read the Benevis Press Release.


“We’re focused on providing medical care to people whenever and wherever they need it,” said Adam Jackson, Co-founder and CEO of Doctor On Demand. “In partnership with DoseSpot, it’s even easier for our network of doctors to safely and efficiently prescribe  the medications a patient needs to feel better.”


Read the Doctor on Demand Press Release.

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