Looking to get your e-Prescribing integration up-and-running in a jiffy?


Check out our new suite of Integration Services. No development planning necessary, we do it for you!


10 Day Pilot


We set you up on our project management workspace with all of the tools and documentation necessary to successfully complete integration. You have access to our staging environment for a total of 10 days, where you can engage in testing the integration. At the end of the 10 day period—if all systems are go—we take you to Surescripts for a 20-minute certification call. After that, you’re up and running and ready to e-Prescribe!


Perks: get a taste of DoseSpot and become an e-Prescribing expert over a 10 day period!

Get Surescripts Certified



Contact DoseSpot to request a demo

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One of our specialists will show you how the JumpStart platform can help you get certified as quickly as possible.


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Get Surescripts Certified


Get Surescripts Certified



Our latest (and perhaps greatest) addition to our integration options! The Integrate-a-Thon is an accelerated DoseSpot-led integration “crash course” for your development team. The catch? Integration is completed over the course of one day. Taking place via an online meeting, the Integrate-a-Thon allows your developers to access our project management workspace complete with all API documentation, development tools and sample code. The DoseSpot team is available throughout the day to assist with technical questions—the best part is that you can be up and running and ready for “Go Live” by the end of the day.


Perks: no need to carve out development time over the course of a few weeks, we’ll have you ready to go in just a few hours!

1 Week Bootcamp


DoseSpot welcomes you and your team members to our project management workspace to begin reviewing Surescripts Requirements, Data Validation and API documents. We provide everything from technical to business support and walk you through the integration basics (including Surescripts testing scenarios). At the end of the week, we wrap-up and take you to Surescripts for a quick and painless certification call. Full steam ahead, successful e-Prescribing is on the horizon!


Perks: we walk you through all testing and certification scenarios and you still complete integration on an expedited timeline!


"We chose DoseSpot because we knew DoseSpot would deliver a timely integration."

“We like working with DoseSpot because they have made the task of integrating e-Prescribing easy."

One Healthcare Solution prescribes with DoseSpot

Go At Your Own Pace


Our standard integration process that is customized for your specific integration timeline. Plan out your development time and resources at your convenience to best suit your needs! With weekly development calls and screen reviews, we have you ready to connect with Surescripts in no time.


Perks: allows you to effectively allocate key resources accordingly.


Get Surescripts Certified

Integration Process




Receive a personalized step-by-step development plan to suit your technical needs.

After an internal review, we engage with Surescripts for a certification meeting. Once certified, your company will be listed as a certified solution on Surescripts.com

After certification, you’re ready for Go Live! You may begin registering prescribers on your system. Once validated, they may use DoseSpot for all their e-Prescribing needs.

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We're here to help. Call us and speak with an Integration Specialist who will answer any questions you might have.



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Contact DoseSpot to request a demo

Request a demo.


One of our Integration Specialists will show you how the DoseSpot platform can help you get certified as quickly as possible.

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