“We chose DoseSpot because their team was very accessible."


“We like working with DoseSpot because they provide an easy step by step integration process."


“We chose DoseSpot because they had the best customer service."


"We chose DoseSpot because we were impressed with their responsive customer service."


"We chose Dosespot because with the DoseSpot API we can easily integrate e-Prescribing with our custom software."


"We chose DoseSpot because of the ease of integration with our existing software."


“We like working with DoseSpot because they have made the task of integrating e-Prescribing easy."

One Healthcare Solution prescribes with DoseSpot


"We chose DoseSpot because it allowed us to quickly implement the much needed functionality of e-Prescribing."


“We chose DoseSpot because they share a philosophy of ease of use within the InPracSys EHR."

InPracSys prescribes with DoseSpot


“We like working with DoseSpot because it is very user friendly which is what our doctors are looking."

MyChartsOnline prescribes with DoseSpot


“We chose DoseSpot because the User Interface was intuitive and easy to use for our clients."

Genensys prescribes with DoseSpot


“We like working with DoseSpot because their friendly and knowledgeable staff is always there."

MOGO prescribes with DoseSpot


"We chose Dosespot because of their flexible and easy-to-integrate e-prescribing solution."

CureCompanion prescribes with DoseSpot


"DoseSpot offered a step by step integration plan and competitive pricing that made them our first choice."

Total Dental prescribes with DoseSpot


“We chose DoseSpot because of the excellent customer service they provided from day one."

Teamlinks prescribes with DoseSpot


"We chose DoseSpot because we found no other e-prescription add-in with the same flexibility and ease."


"We chose DoseSpot because their platform is easy to integrate and they offer great support."


"We chose DoseSpot because we knew DoseSpot would deliver a timely integration."


"We chose DoseSpot because their  integration process was simple, straightforward and painless."

NaviTouch prescribes with DoseSpot


"We chose DoseSpot because we felt it would work well with our existing EHR."



"We chose DoseSpot because it is a simple and affordable solution."


"We chose DoseSpot because the product was easy to integrate,  and they provide excellent support"


"We chose DoseSpot because the time and cost to market were both greatly reduced."


"We chose DoseSpot because of their integration with Surescripts, integration package options, and assistance with Surescripts & EPCS certifications."


"We chose DoseSpot because we liked all of the integration options and especially appreciated that the e-Prescribing integration was a quick and streamlined process."


"We chose DoseSpot because during the selection process they were very communicative and responsive, easy to use User Interface, and good company reputations."


"We chose DoseSpot because it seemed like the best option for the integration we wanted immediately and gave us the ability to build a more robust integration in the future."


"We chose DoseSpot because of the quick response to our initial inquiry, a very well documented API, and simplicity of use."


"We chose DoseSpot because of the great technical support with implementation, friendly staff, variety of integration platforms and short 'time to live'."

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